Cardiff Sixth Form College, the number one school in the UK for A Levels, has also excellent results for its first GCSE cohort it was announced today.

The leading College, which launched its first one year GCSE course last year, has seen 71% of its students gain A*s (grades 8 and 9), 84% A*-A (grades 7-9) and 94% A*-B (grades 6-9).

The school attracts both local students who are looking for a more academic environment and also international students looking for excellent teaching and university preparation.

Said Cardiff Sixth Form Principal, Gareth Collier: “Our first year of GCSE tuition has gone exceptionally well and I am delighted with the results. The students and staff have worked really hard to gain these top grades and the course has doubled in size for next year’s intake.

“As well as a one year GCSE course, we will also be launching a two-year GCSE course for 2021 entry as I truly believe our teaching styles, assessment, materials and one-to-one coaching makes a difference not only to results but to students greater understanding and enjoyment of their subjects. We want to prepare our young people, who have come from a wide variety of cultural and economic backgrounds, to have the necessary tools to enable them to access top universities and make a difference in whatever careers they choose.”