Difficult decisions deserve to be given time and thought. It is crucial for parents to find a school that can offer opportunities and motivation – a place where inspirational professionals will show each child their true potential.

It is a big task and knowing the decision is the right one leaves many parents facing a dilemma. This website aims to help parents who are considering sending their child to an independent school. The focus is on the opportunities across Wales. Even the term ‘independent school’ can lead to confusion. It simply means the school is independent of local or central government control.

Parents are often surprised about the choices open to them. There are a wide range of independent schools – each one works hard to offer something extra special for your child. Day schools to boarding, single-sex to co-educational each can boast particular advantages over the state system. There are almost 2,500 independent schools across England and Wales and many have a history of academic and sporting excellence.
There are other clear benefits which help to justify financial implications. Classes have smaller pupil numbers, sports facilities are excellent and traditional values such as hard work and good manners are promoted.

It used to be that only rich and privately-educated people sent their children to independent schools. This is certainly not true today. More than half the children entering independent schools have parents who were educated in the state system. The children come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. What they all have in common is an opportunity to achieve their full potential at school.

We hope this site will help you in choosing the best education for your child.