WISC are pleased to announce that they have a new Chair, namely Gareth Pearson , Head at Christ College Brecon

“I  am  grateful to my fellow Directors for their support in enabling me to serve WISC as the Chair.  There are many challenges facing the sector and the Directors and I remain as committed as ever to serve you the member schools and represent the whole sector and all the fantastic work you do in support of young people.

As a serving Head, I have always appreciated the support and collegiality that WISC offers, this is going to be especially valuable over the coming years.  Members schools carryout brilliant work that supports Wales, its people and its economy, especially within our local communities, and I am determined to shine a light on all that we collectively contribute.

I aim to build upon the excellent work done by my predecessor, Stuart, and thank him on behalf of all of the directors for his service and leadership.

I hope to get the chance to meet many of you at the WISC Conference next academic year and wish you all the very best with what remains of this strangest of academic years.’